Thursday, March 1, 2012

Photos, Macs & Woodloch

One new thing I've done this year is convert our old Mac into a slideshow of our digital photos (we turn it on in the morning and off at night).  It looks good and we love to see what photo will pop up.  Who prints photos anymore anyway?  The kids love it and my youngest child is home a lot more than my eldest so he gets to see lots of old photos.  In particular, photos of the eldest having fun in lots of different pictures.  'No, that isn't you in the photos, it is your brother on vacation/at the amusement park/with friends/out/doing things etc' :(

We've been stressed lately with day to day life (can you tell we live in the NE?) that we've made an effort to take more breaks this year.  Especially since my youngest child is now no longer a baby (and doesn't need baby paraphernalia).  Also we promise to take him to as many activities as (the pictures prove) his brother went to.

So Woodloch was the perfect starting point.  It is a great all inclusive family resort.  We loved it the first time we went with my oldest child.  It has loads of activities to keep kids busy and the parents hence get a break and might enjoy it too.  Also mom doesn't need to stress out about meals, they are included and the options are good.  'Junior doesn't want the sandwich he ordered?  No problem, would he like a fruit salad, yogurt, ice cream etc? ' Also costume characters would appear during the meal so that the parents might get some time to enjoy their meal while the kids were amused. And the meals were very good, home cooked food.  Lots of courses too, in case you are hungry: salad, soup, main meal, bread, sides, dessert.

Popular activities this time around were the go carts, bumper cars, ride on jeeps, art & craft room, storytime, did I mention pool!  They added a splash area since we were there last time and the kids had a blast, I got to sit in the hot tub (no kids under 14 ;) ) till I wrinkled.  Life guards on duty but parents should be nearby (thanks hubby) to watch younger kids.  Snow tubing (great snow tube run right by our room), indoor playgym, games room, and more.

You can use the resort any time you get to the resort (even if your room isn't ready) and you can also use it the last day of your trip till late. So with that said and with occasional discounts and off season rates it is an affordable nearby trip!

Of course we took lots of pictures to add to our digital images on the Mac, but somehow it didn't seem as many pictures as the first time around ;(


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