Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Thank goodness for libraries!

Is there something libraries can't do?  My local libraries have classes for kids for babies all the way up to seniors and everyone in between.  Once my kids were babies we would trek to the library weekly or more often for all sorts of classes.  Anything from music for babies (enhances neural development) to concerts, petting zoos, science classes and hypnosis!  Honestly the last one blew my mind.  A local library is now running annual weight control hypnosis classes.  Imagine that! These classes typically cost $70 at any other venue but you can get it for free thanks to library budgets and your tax dollars.  Also libraries will typically let you in on their classes even if you aren't a resident via a waiting list or you can donate to the library friends groups.
Lots of storytimes and craft times happen at the library.
I have been to umpteen classes at the libraries such as 'all about Korea' which included a full 3 course meal.  Other classes include a meditation class, an organizing class, a movie, gardening -included passing out flats of flowers ;)  My kids have been signed up for many classes and have learned and enjoyed a lot.
Older kids can do legos and other clubs
Lets not forget that you can borrow books and more, magazines, music, some have posters, kids work boxes (for home enrichment), you can save money renting/borrowing movies, free ebooks and more.

Somehow even babies are drawn to the kids computers and they know how to use them too!
And there are loads of libraries around you may have access to.  We all know we have our local town library but did you know you could probably borrow books at other libraries, such as a school library, a medical & therapeutic toy library via a medical facility, a church library, some work place libraries are available to the public and more.  I particularly like the LRC via the state government funded by IDEA, has so many educational resources it it mind blowing.  Also lets not forget the environmental libraries run by the environmental centers of the counties, they have loads of gardening, animal and landscaping books.

Acting and a show at the local library!
There are online reading libraries, online ebook libraries etc.  What is the most interesting lending library you have heard of and what is the most unusual class you have been to?
Poster at the NJ LRC
Lets hear it for the libraries!


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