Sunday, March 25, 2012

67 Ways to delay spring cleaning

Wake up late
Pretend it is still winter
Surf online
Check email
Check phone settings
Check tv settings
Check tv listings
Re organize tv series
Get a virus
Remodel the house
Ask for help from the kids
Ask for help from hubby
Go to the library
Join Netflix
Have playdates
Sprain a muscle
Break a bone
Get food poisoning
Go shopping
Shop online for deals
Check social networking sites
Sign up for more social networking sites
Spend lots of time on privacy settings and profile
Install a new app on your mobile device
Buy a new mobile device
Buy a new pc
Buy a laptop
Buy a new phone
Buy a new car
Try to sell your car
List the house
Go to open houses
Buy a pet
Try to train the pet
Take care of the pet
Consider elective surgery
Visit doctors to discuss elective surgery
Go on a trip
Plan a vacation
Shop around for a vacation
Sign up for frequent flyer cards
Sign up for hotel rewards cards
Consider a timeshare
Buy a timeshare
Book appointment for hair
Hair style
Do nails
Consider tanning
Research tanning safety
Take vitamin d
Research vitamins and minerals
Research supplements
Research diet
Join a co-op
Plan a garden
Start a garden
Read about garden surplus
Can your surplus
Read books on nutrition
Read books on parenting
Read relationship books
Borrow books on decorating
Go to the park
Read blogs
Start a blog
Monitor and maintain blog
Consider a change in career
Go out to lunch with friends
Take a walk with friends
Read a book about friends
Consider a new book group

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