Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Saving money on toys & clothes

I was much more involved in my older sons toys. We had only one kid, so it was easier to focus on his interests and play. We bought loads of Thomas trains, Mickey Mouse and motorized toys (ride ons and remote control cars) as he loved them. He also loved bike riding and playgrounds, balls and other gross motor activities. So we stocked up on all of the above. We have 4-5 bikes of different sizes, we have various types & sizes of balls, and all sorts of motorized toys and little tykes are scattered all over our back yard. And we had lots of opportunities to use these toys.

One benefit to having two kids of the same sex is that they will be close to one another and perhaps also save us a bundle buying new clothes and toys and things. Well, along came son #2 and he is mixing things up.  He was initially afraid of motorized toys - now what do I do with the ride ons and remote control cars and other toys? He didn't love Thomas trains and my boys bathroom is decorated in Thomas exclusively... wow saving loads of money (Not!). He also has physical challenges which make balls and gross motor activities more difficult for him. So, while he likes those activities, it is frustrating to him (and us) to use them.  Not saving money yet, and frightened and frustrated.

Also son #2 likes older kid toys, of course ;) . I didn't need to save all the baby toys since he wants to play with his older brothers toys anyway.  So no Little Bear, Sesame Street or Barney VHS episodes for us - instead he likes Power Rangers, Transformers, Superheroes and Rescue Heroes. Perhaps his Dad can relate to those interests.

Of course I kept most of the boy clothes, but kid #2 is opinionated about clothes too. Wasn't that supposed to be a girl trait?  Boys just wear whatever they are given, right?  Can someone explain this to my son who decides he wants something else to wear other than the 5 outfits I gave him to choose from?  Older son wore clothes for comfort and movement, but second son wants dressier jeans, camouflage, or perhaps something trendy or cool. Only shirts with logos on them will do and they have to be the RIGHT logos too.  Have I mentioned he is only 4 and he started doing this at age 2?  I'm in trouble when he reaches his teens.

I would never take my older son shopping, as he was too much to handle and ran around and I'd lose him...  let alone the tantrums when he couldn't have the item he wanted. But #2 is impossible to shop with without getting an item he wants. He will either be a lawyer or hostage negotiator when he grows up, and wears me down in stores (and I had 2 cups of coffee that day ;) ).

At least #2 hasn't been too opinionated about furniture... yet.

Perhaps they will at least be close as brothers when they are older. ;)


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