Friday, April 6, 2012


We love to love family, we love the Hallmark cards image and Norman Rockwell image that family conveys. However the reality is that family is just a bunch of people. Those people may have stresses and problems just like you. They may have kids and careers that demand things of them. Some of us are lucky and our families are just what we hoped, or mostly like that image in our heads. Others are not so lucky.

Some families hurt each other through words or actions. Perhaps not intentionally but through old Mis or pre conceptions. Some families ignore one another as a way to cope and relate to each other. Others are cool and aloof to one another. Also I have personally noticed differences with family styles in different countries. In England family is tolerated, in Ireland family is revered. In Australia family is needed but otherwise let be, in the USA family is kept sacred.

That is a lot of pressure on families
to be the image in our heads. After all we all see mostly the same TV images of families. It was June Cleaver when
I was young then Mrs. Cunningham or Mrs Brady.

Where is the real image of families in crisis or stress? There are few that are
looked favorably upon.

So what is one to do when in a culture of family ness? It is difficult when you create a different family than the one of your upbringing and them perhaps resent your family of origin for not being the same?

I've also studied lots of different family structures and this is what I know for sure: family it a bunch of people you relate to, family is people that like you and want to be with you, family is something that is two ways, family is
something to strive for, family is something to honor.

Also family isn't necessarily a blood tie or marriage tie, family doesn't consistently make you feel bad, families don't always work well.

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