Monday, February 27, 2012

MWF seeking BFF

Hi folks, I've decided to restart this blog and hope to keep you all interested and following.

I got an email recently from my local library about their recent purchases and I almost never read the email, however this time I did.  And I'm glad I did, there was a book that caught my eye, called MWF seeking BFF by Rachel Bertsche.  The cover caught my attention as did the abbreviations.  I almost wasn't sure what it was about but of course what else could it be about?

It was an interesting, gripping read about the authors search for BFF after moving to a new city.  I've been in similar situations many times so it was interesting to compare notes.  I admire her forthrightness in seeking new friends, but found it unusual that it was accepted to be so open about finding new friends.

I liked that she had statistics on friends and references that related to all of us, ie what the dunbar number is and how it relates to us (how many relationships a person can maintain).  She also determined that our genes may indicate our sociability and level of connections.  I can relate to this, while I have lots of people I know, I probably only have 150 (probably fewer) strong connections that meet my friend intimacy standards (ie close reliable connections).  I definitely need to work on that.

Rachel makes it a point to meet 50+ new people over the course of a year in an attempt to make good & lasting friendships.  That is a good goal, makes you want to get out and about more in the attempt and can only be helpful.

Who knew that there were websites for finding friends such as Connectingcircles and girlfriendsocial?  Specifically for friends not for relationships such as Match and such.  I don't know if I'd go on them but interesting that they are there for this particular situation.

I find forced friendship (whether with a group or other situation) doesn't last so making sure you get out and about and meeting new people is definitely the right way to go.

Anyone out there not need friends?  Anyone happy with family as friends?  Anyone's man got lots of friends?


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