Thursday, August 30, 2012

What we are eating lately

I love to eat (a little too much sometimes) so I cook what I want to eat.  I am a practical cook focusing on healthy meals (mostly) and organic natural ingredients.  I get the biggest buzz feeding my family foods that I harvest from my organic garden and fill their bellies.  I would say that I don't cook just because I love cooking, or follow many culinary rules (right now).  I try to follow general rules/recipes but invariably I don't have an ingredient or tool and 'make do' somehow.

Below are some pics from some of the dishes we have been eating lately.  Hope you enjoy them.
Greek salad with homegrown lettuce, multicolored heirloom tomatoes, onions, chives, dressed with feta, olive oil and sesame seeds (add pine nuts if it is a main meal).
Another version of my Greek salad before dressings.

Green, white, red, yellow, orange and purple organic heirloom tomatoes cooked in onion & garlic saute with canola oil topped with farrn eggs (poaching them kind of).

Another variant of the above but with kale, was cooked longer than this pic shows.
Stuffed veggies, I will stuff peppers, tomatoes, (sometimes eggplant & zuchini too) with rice, nuts, tomatoes, herbs and canola oil and then bake. As a general rule I cook with canola as it has a higher cooking temp than olive oil but I prefer and use olive oil everywhere else.  You can make big batches of these and they freeze well too.
My kale saute with onion, garlic, oil.  Delish and super healthy, if only you can smell these dishes cooking!
Add some tomatoes and you have kale saute with tomatoes, voila!
Chunky homestyle tomato sauce base for any dish.  Chunky cut tomatoes, sauteed in the usual oil, onion, garlic base, add herbs as desired.
Ok, now we don't eat this for breakfast, lunch, dinner, these photos were taken over the course of a couple of weeks.  We usually give the kids a low sugar cereal with low fat milk while I might have PB toast for breakfast.  On weekends we do eggs/crepes/pancakes or waffles for breakfasts. Sandwich or soup or salad for lunch (Greek salad is perfect for a mini meal (petit dejeneur) such as lunch).  Or I often make a bean salad with kale, tomatoes and whatever else I have that is available, healthy and fresh.  Soups and chowders dominate winter meals.  For dinner I will have a salad or soup and perhaps a small protein.  Such as the egg dish above or stuffed tomato dish with nuts, a little salmon now and again, some meat occasionally etc.

Snacks are usually cut fruit at home but outside home we occasionally have convenience packaged foods and drinks.  The kids may or may not finish the meals pictured above but we insist they try everything and encourage a full belly or something mostly healthy.

What's happening in your kitchen?



  1. Hi
    I am volunteering to water your garden. Check your hotmail. A-9

    1. Hi

      Thanks so much for offering! I think I responded via email but so kind of you to offer, as it turns out I might be ok for now, but will keep you on backup. What a great community at wfaf!!


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