Sunday, June 17, 2012

School's out - it's park & playground time! PART 1

The kiddies will be out soon and while you may or may not have a pool or lake to attend, below are some local playgrounds for you to check out.  I will write quite a few posts about parks as there are so many. Please add to my list (or email me) and add notes about any park.  I will edit all entries to we have a huge masterlist!


Hicks Tract, Knollandale Rd, Millington : Entrance to the Hicks Tract at the end of Knollandale Road, Millington. Open space and trails that run from Millington behind the Millington School to Stirling. OK, not really a playground but a nice walking/strolling tract and maintained hiking path. map at Lots of strollers, runners, bikes and dogs use this tract but almost never concurrently. It is shaded by the surrounding tree foliage so take advantage of this resource on super hot days or in the afternoons when you want to cool down.

Pine Hills Tract Haas Rd, Bernards Township, 10 acres undeveloped land. Never heard of it till I started researching parks.  Amazing that there is a resource nearby that MANY people have never heard about.  Let me know if you have been here. Map at

Passaic River Trail, The trail is being developed along Long Hill's open space at the north bank of the Passaic River. Not sure if it is the same as the below.  Let me know if you know.

Passaic River County Park

Passaic River County Park Entrance SignLocated along the Passaic River in Long Hill and Chatham Townships, Passaic River Park is part of an effort to protect the river from development and encroachment. A total of 769 acres including more than 5000 ft. of shoreline, are available for leisurely hiking, picnicking, Passaic River County Parksoftball, fishing, ice skating and cross country skiing.

Green Acres funding, totalling $20,000, assisted with the initial preservation effort. The Township of Chatham also donated acreage. The Clover Hill Additions were funded through the Green Trust and federal land and water conservation grant dollars. The Clover Hill acreage, located in Long Hill Twp., are separated from the Chatham Township section by several miles.

Park Features
  • Athletic Fields
  • Picnic Areas: Non-reservable Handicapped Accessible Accommodations
  • Picnic Areas: Reservable Handicapped Accessible Accommodations
  • Picnic Shelter: Reservable Handicapped Accessible Accommodations
  • Trails
Things To Do
  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Picnicking
  • Snowshoeing
  • X-Country Skiing
*Requires permit/advanced scheduling

Hayefields‎, Crest Drive, Bernards Township map at:
6.5 Acres of open space protected land.  Again never been here, more information welcome.

Clover Hill developement, Millington
A private development playground with some play equipment and courts. Paid for by the local estate residents.

Coddington Farmstead, Warren NJ map at
Houses Art classes at the farm house. However it is also a historical site and has trails for hiking. Again never been here, let me know if you have.

Codington Woods (Open space site 3A) 45 Acres

Rough and rocky blazed trails form two loops, together exploring the entire tract. The southern loop includes a fruit orchard of old but productive apple, pear, and cherry trees, two farm fields now overgrown with bushes and young trees, a large open grove of mature maples and oaks, and a former sheep pasture now colorful with dogwood, cedar and birch trees and flowering shrubs. The northern loop is dense with very large old hardwood groves and vines typical of a virgin piedmont forest. Throughout are rows of basalt rocks cleared from tillable farmlands, and occasional old iron farm machinery.

Trail Access points: Behind the homestead, at the hydrant by #23 Mt. Horeb Rd., and at cul de sacs named above. Parking is available near all points. Terrain is dry and shady. Wildlife: Turkey, Fox, Coyote, Deer (including albino strains) all smaller mammals and many bird and insect species. This tract provides the only tree cover for wildlife movement between second & third mountain ridges when combined with Mt. Horeb Springs tract.


Further afield: 

All Children's Playground in Quibbletown ParkAcademy Street, Piscataway
Alvin P. Williams Memorial Park at Sewaren PeninsulaCliff Road, Woodbridge39 acres featuring playing fields, open picnic grove, playground, overlook pavilion and gardens, bike/walkway, nature study area
Boyd Pond Tot Lot

Carousel for All Children
Cheesequake State Park300 Gordon Road, Matawanlive exhibits of fish & turtles, swimming & boating, nature trails, picnic areas, playgrounds
Colonial Gardens PlaygroundKearny Drive

Colonial ParkFranklin Township568 acres featuring picnic areas, playground featuring innovative, barrier free equipment,
Columbia ParkDunellen

Donaldson Park2nd Ave, Highland Park90 acres featuring 4 tennis courts, 2 basketball courts, 3 baseball fields, 4 soccer fields, 4 reservable picnic groves, 2 open picnic groves, 2 playgrounds, boat ramp and pond
Duke Island ParkBridgewater Township332 acres featuring bike trails, picnic areas, playground featuring innovative, barrier free equipment
Fords ParkKing George's Post Road, Woodbridge18 acres featuring 2 street hockey rinks, 2 tennis courts, 2 basketball courts, 1 baseball field, 1 reserveable picnic grove, bike/walkways, 2 playgrounds and pond

Johnson ParkRiver Road, Piscataway473 acres featuring 8 tennis courts, 1 baseball field, 2 softball fields, 1 soccer field, 5 reserveable picnic groves, 2 open picnic groves, 3 playgrounds, animal haven, 2 ponds, olde towne village, bike/walkway, 2 cricket pitches
Joseph Medwick ParkPost Blvd, Carteret82 acres featuring 1 baseball field, 1 soccer field, 1 roller hockey rink, 2 reserveable picnic groves, 1 open picnic grove, 2 playgrounds, walk/bikeway
Merrill ParkMiddlesex Turnpike, Woodbridge179 acres featuring 4 tennis courts, 2 basketball courts, 3 baseball fields, 2 softball fields, 1 soccer field, 1 football field, 7 reserveable picnic groves, 2 open picnic groves, 3 playgrounds, progressive playground, animal haven
Middlesex County ParksThere's recreational and cultural activities for the general public throughout the year.
Middlesex County ParksThere's recreational and cultural activities for the general public throughout the year.

Mountainview ParkRt 28 Middlesex, NJRight next to Middlesex High School - has basketball, tennis courts, horseshoe league and a great fenced in play area for Toddlers.


  1. Thanks for the list. I live in NJ and we are always looking for new places to go. Have you been to Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton? That is a hidden treasure not many people know about.

    Adventures of a Homeschool Mom

  2. You are welcome Alessandra, I don't think I have been to the Grounds in Hamilton, sounds intriguing. I need to add the new park in Scotch Plains to my list too.

  3. Thanks for sharing this list! I have been looking at Middlesex MLS since I just got a job in the area, and I thought it'd be cool to look up some cool places to go that are in and around the area. All of those parks sound great, any personal favorites?


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