Monday, May 21, 2012

Review & comparison of craft kits for a rainy day

We love and use lots of craft kits but we are not craft gurus so we love the easier types of kits.  There are lots to choose from and a couple were in my house so we decided to do them one rainy day.  I thought I would share our experiences for all those other parents wondering what to do with the kids on a rainy day.

CrazArt Funtastix. 
The box looks bright and fun.  Inside you will find baggies of wax sticks in different colors.  The box we had didn't have instructions on how to make those shapes do there was lots of trial and error and some pictures on the back of the box.  However a step by step sheets would have made all the difference.  Below are some of the shapes we did together.  So a fun kit but not one for just kids alone. Maybe good for older creative kids.
 Alex Window stickers.
 This is more our style, a color and cut type of activity. However not too neat as the paint takes a long time to dry and painting is not a neat activity anyway.  The plastic is a colorform type and once dry, clings on to windows.  Below is a sample shape made at home that my 8yr old made, it was too fiddly for my 4yr old to finish alone so we are still working on his.
 Make your own wooden vehicles.
 Not really make your own as the vehicles are supplied but you paint and stick on to personalize your own vehicles.  Boys love this activity, and paint again is fun but never too neat.  But you can set the area up with newspaper, smocks and let them at it.  Not as fiddly as coloring plastic with the kit above.  And my 4 & 8 yr olds both made a vehicle easily enough.
We got these kits ourselves and wrote this post for the blog.  All comments and experiences are my own for the purpose of sharing experiences.


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