Monday, October 22, 2012

Brite nites in Warren, NJ.

We've been busy with the fall activities lately.  One of our favorites is the Brite Nites Halloween display and Scary house.  Over 1,000 carved and lighted pumpkins! A Haunted House showcase that will spook you to your bones. Treats and refreshments in the Black Hat CafĂ©. Entertainment to get you in the Spirit of Halloween. Only for 2 weekends end of October.  We made it this year and we LOVED it. 

Wagner Farm Arboretum’s Brite Nites Event appeals to all ages.All proceeds from Brite Nites will be used to maintain the Arboretum and expand educational programs related to gardening and preserving nature. 

Get tickets in advance from

Below are our favorite pictures from the nite.

Hundreds more displays, you MUST check it out at least once.  I didn't take photos in the haunted house but it was equally fabulous.


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